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billy gibbons moving sidewalks bb king
Forty-odd years later, Moving Sidewalks move gracefully at B.B. King’s

“Well, it’s true. We’re back, we’re gonna have a good time.” So intoned Billy F Gibbons at Saturday night’s historic reunion of the Moving Sidewalks at B.B. King’s, and truer words were never spoken. It was the band’s first gig since—get this!—July 4, 1969, and featured the original lineup of guitarist Gibbons, drummer Dan Mitchell, […]

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moving sidewalks 44 years later
Sidewalk doesn’t end

ZZ Top frontman revs up first band Billy Gibbons has been fronting ZZ Top for so long that there are plenty of fans who must think he came out of the womb wearing sunglasses, a cowboy hat, and sporting that iconic nestlike beard. But that wasn’t always the case, and tomorrow night at B.B. King’s […]

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moving sidewalks bb king gear
The Moving Sidewalks Mix Past, Present and Hendrix in New York City

by Ultimate Classic Rock Staff It was the night before Easter on 42nd Street in New York City…..Lord have mercy. We were about to hear and see Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top reunite with his previous band, the Moving Sidewalks. BB King’s was packed with fans, and by the look on most faces they were […]

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billy gibbons new york times moving sidewalks bb king
Archaeologists of Vinyl Rejoice in Return Home

By BEN RATLIFF Published in the New York Times The Moving Sidewalks, in their first gig in nearly 44 years on Saturday night at B. B. King Blues Club and Grill, played some pretty nice gear for a band that never had a national hit. Tube amplifiers by Magnatone, the recently revived pre-’70s American brand, […]

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billy gibbons moving sidewalks rolling stone
Moving Sidewalks’ Reunion Show Honors Jimi Hendrix

They walked onstage to a subtle jolt of dry wit. The intro music for the Moving Sidewalks’ first show in 44 years, on Saturday at B.B. King’s Blues Club and Grill in New York, was Bo Diddley’s 1959 single “Crackin’ Up.” But the Houston, Texas-born psychedelic-garage band – best known for most of that interval […]

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